What Does A Toilet Installation Involve?

Our toilet installation service includes removal and the haul-away of your old toilet; installation of your newly purchased toilet; attachment of provided flange bolts, wax ring and supply line; testing of the new toilet; and debris cleanup. Please note that a toilet is not included in the price of installation.

Does The Installation Include Parts?

The price includes only the installation itself. Toilet and toilet installation parts are not included in the price of installation. Please be sure you have your new toilet and all parts on hand prior to installation, including the flange or floor bolts, wax ring, and supply line.


Are There Any Additional Charges?

Additional charges may apply for drain repair or to replace supply lines and shutoff valves. Specialty and concealed-trap toilets can only be quoted after a site visit due to the complexity of these installations. Toilets requiring electrical work are excluded. Prices are subject to change with this special.

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