Why Should I Inspect The Sewer Line?

Repairs to a lateral drain line can be in the thousands. The only way to see if a sewer pipe is compromised is by sticking a camera into it from the home to the city main and back. Once you close on the home, the sewer line is yours to own. We highly recommend scoping before you buy so you have the opportunity to possibly negotiate the repair work with the seller. This can also come as a surprise to long-time homeowners too.


What Is The Difference Between A Main Sewer Line And A Secondary Line?

The mainline is larger, typically 3″-4″ in diameter and carries the waste and water from all the drain lines and branch lines to the city sewer or septic tank inlet. A secondary or branch line is smaller in diameter and typically carries water from fixtures such as the kitchen drain or laundry drain to the mainline. 


What Is The Best Way To Keep My Lines Clean And Clear?

The technician can recommend different types of cleaning techniques and then recommend the line be cleaned in the manner most efficient to provide foaming line cleaning and high-pressure line maintenance.


Where Does The Technician Access The Line From?

We can access the line from the roof vent, toilet sweep, floor drain or a traditional cleanout. The technician will make the determination once on site and the house is assessed.


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