Congratulations! You finally found your new "dream home." However, before you sign the mortgage, have you had the plumbing inspected? Poor plumbing, drainage or gasfitting work can be a serious problem in the home and very expensive to fix. Unfortunately when you buy a used property, it is still very much a case of 'buyer beware' and it can be difficult to prove that a vendor knowingly covered up a major defect. Order a Kona Plumbing inspection today and get on your way to building your new life in your new home.


What Type Of Issues Can Be Avoided With A Plumbing Inspection?

  Some common problems identified include:

• Pinholes/severe oxidation of copper pipes

• Severely rusted galvanized water/gas lines

• No pressure limiting valves installed on hot water services

• Flexible water connectors rusted under vanities/kitchen sink

• Flexible water connectors utilized to connect hot water services

• Leaking S and P trap rubbers

• Leaking tap washers in laundry/shower/basin

• Leaking garden taps

• Leaking temperature pressure relief valve

• Gas leaks on regulators/meter sets

• Broken/collapsed sewer mains

• Root penetration causing obstruction/blockage in sewer/stormwater         main

• No backflow prevention installed for irrigation sprinklers which causes     possible cross-contamination

• Stormwater piping connected into sewer pipes

• Hot water service may need replacing 

• Discover out-dated or old piping materials

• Incompatible materials

• Leaking fixtures and waste lines

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Kona Plumbing is a family run plumbing company. We have over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Our manufacturers use high-quality materials to produce safe and durable products. Our employees are hardworking and honest people that will get the job done. 

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