How Do I Know If My Gas Lines Have A Leak?

One of our technicians can inspect your lines and detect if your lines have a leak. If a leak is detected an evaluation of the work can be done to see what will be required for the leak to be fixed.

Is A Small Leak A ‘Real’ Problem?

Besides the health and safety risks, a gas line leak is a major problem. If a leak is detected by the city first, your gas will be shut off until all the repairs have been completed and evaluated. Meaning you will be without hot water and cooking options in the meantime.

How Will The Work Be Done?

We use a poly plastic pipe (yellow plastic) and lay it below ground level from your meter to your house entrance. Interior gas lines are normally galvanized piping. In some cases, a local building department approved gas line will be used. This would enable us to route lines through tight spaces where a normal line would be difficult to use.

How Long Does This Take To Repair/Install?

On average it takes 3-5 days to complete. However, there are many variables that will need to be taken into account. Will the work primarily be interior, exterior or both? If exterior, how long of a trench will need to be dug? Your technician who evaluates your property can take note of these variables.

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