Is Drain Cleaning Necessary For Every Clog?

No. There are some basic clogs you can clear out with a plunger or a simple hand-cranked drain snake. If neither of these work or the problem returns frequently, you’ll need more extensive drain cleaning work from professionals.

How Often Should I Schedule Drain Cleaning?

We recommend you make drain cleaning a routine maintenance job for your home. Instead of waiting for clogs to startup, you can take a proactive approach and have our plumbers take care of the drain cleaning regularly. For most homes, we advise doing drain cleaning once a year. 

Can't I Use Liquid Drain Cleaner?

The 'miraculous' solution in a bottle! If only this was the case. In fact, no professional plumber uses these chemicals or advises others to use them on drains. They are inefficient solutions that temporarily dig through obstructions and don’t actually clean out the drain. The acidic chemicals can also harm drain pipes and leave behind toxic residue and fumes. 

How Can I Prevent Drain Clogs?

If there are drains in your house that don’t have drain covers on them, we recommend purchasing them. They are helpful for bathroom drains, where they catch hair that is one of the biggest causes of clogged up drains. In the kitchen, make sure to pour fats, oils, and grease into a separate container rather than down the drains or the disposal. Routine cleaning by Kona Plumbing never hurts either. 

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